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Kombucha Recipe

Simple & Delicious Kombucha Recipe

Kombucha Recipe


  • 1 SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast)
  • 4 cups of filtered water
  • 4 individual disposable tea bags containing one ounce each of loose leaf black organic tea. 
  • one cup of organic cane sugar
  • one cup of starter tea (previously brewed kombucha)


  1.  Boil the filtered water and remove it from heat.
  2. Using the Everything Tea Numola or one cup brew in bags, place one heaping teaspoon of loose leaf black organic tea in each bag. Next, add the prepared tea bags and let them steep in water for about 10 minutes. *Note: loose leaf tea is always fresher & better tasting compared to store bought tea bags that tend to be the dust or the fannings on the bottom.
  3. Remove the disposable tea bags and stir in the sugar until it dissolves completely.
  4. Allow the sweetened tea to cool down to room temperature.
  5. Pour the cooled tea into a clean mason type jar.
  6. Add the SCOBY and the starter tea to a mason type jar.
  7. Cover the jar with a clean cloth or coffee filter and secure it with a rubber band.
  8. Place the jar in a warm and dark area, away from direct sunlight.
  9. Let the kombucha ferment for 7-14 days, depending on your desired taste. The longer it ferments, the more tart and carbonated it will become.
  10. After the desired fermentation time, carefully remove the SCOBY and one cup of the kombucha to use as a starter for your next batch.
  11. Pour the remaining kombucha into glass bottles and seal them tightly.
  12. Store the bottles in the refrigerator to slow down the fermentation process. Enjoy your kombucha chilled!
Note: You can also add flavorings to your kombucha during the second fermentation phase. Some popular options include fruit juices, ginger, herbs, or spices. Experiment with different flavors to find your favorite combinations. 

Kombucha Jars

Benefits of kombucha:

  1. Probiotics: Kombucha is a fermented beverage that contains live bacteria & yeast, which can contribute to a healthy gut microbiome. These probiotics support digestion, improve nutrient absorption, & boost overall gut health.
  2. Antioxidants: Kombucha contains antioxidants, such as polyphenols, which can help protect the body against oxidative stress & reduce inflammation. These antioxidants have potential benefits for heart health & may also help to prevent chronic diseases.
  3. Detoxification: Kombucha contains glucuronic acid, which is believed to aid in the detoxification process by binding to toxins & helping the body eliminate them more efficiently.
  4. Immune support: The probiotics & antioxidants in kombucha help to support a healthy immune system. A strong immune system can help protect against infections & illnesses.
  5. Potential anti-cancer properties: Many studies suggest that kombucha may have anti-cancer properties due to its antioxidant content.
*It's important to note that individual experiences with kombucha may vary, & it may not be suitable for everyone. Additionally, kombucha is a fermented beverage & contains a small amount of alcohol, typically less than 0.5%. Pregnant women, individuals with compromised immune systems, or those with certain health conditions should consult with a healthcare professional before consuming kombucha.

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